A journalist is a person who collects, writes, or distributes news or other current information to the public. A journalist's work is called journalism.

A journalist can work with general issues or specialize in certain issues. However, most journalists tend to specialize, and by cooperating with other journalists, produce journals that span many topics.  (Source)



You work for a newspaper in the UK:

Main newspaper in the UK

4 journalists work for each newspaper.





(find useful vocabulary about newspaper here)

Each step should be completed.

  1. choose a newspaper: it will be your model in order to create a 2-page newspaper
  2. Find 4 topics / issues you want to write about on your newspaper. They must be connected to economic and / or social facts.
  3. What do you know (or think you know) about the event or issue that you’re covering in your news feature? 
  4. A news story includes the who, what, when, where and hopefully the why and how of the issue or event being covered.
  5. Collect facts (data) about these topics: check your sources!
  6. create a draft :
  • Headline
  • short presentation of the 4 journalists (2 lines)
  • 4 articles
  • pictures? Graphs? 
  • check your sources
7.  Now is the time to PUBLISH your newspaper!