Step #1 - choose a painting or another art work (music, visual art)

Group work:

Step #2 - Write a poem about that painting, that music, that photograph...

Step #3 - Take part in a special radio show on France Culture in NYC.... "La Compagnie des Poètes"

In order to prepare the

  • swap your poems
  • Your poem will be commented by another student
  • don't forget to use your literature lesson!
  • prepare questions you could ask the authors
  • prepare answers you could give to the critics

The radio show

  • 4 recorded sessions
  • 3 authors / 3 critics

Each session will be divided in 3 periods:

1/ the poet reads his poem / 2/critics comment on the poem and ask questions

And so on.


Evaluate your project


Ways of working

  • deadlines are respected
  • team spirit
  • work together
  • share different tasks / cooperation
  • self reliant


  • is it really a transmedia project?
  • easy to use?
  • Easy to understand?
  • easy to find on the internet?
  • fun?
  • nice?
  • useful?
  • is the information real?
  • Sources?



Evaluate your oral presentation

  • convincing
  • lively
  • interesting
  • attractive
  • gestures
  • movements
  • posture

Tips fors an oral presentation

  • articulate
  • SMILE!!
  • speak with a good tone
  • speak loud
  • have good arguments to convince
  • Do not read too much / Do not read AT ALL!!
  • Move, SHOW some things on the board
  • LOOK at the listeners
  • MOVE but NOT TOO MUCH!! especially if you're nervous...
  • Keep calm and do a good presentation: feel PLEASURE