Step #1 - create and present your slide show

Group work: Use power point slides to present the main events of that period, its characteristics as well as the names of some iconic writers and the titles and excerpts of some of their work. Don’t forget to give some dates and pictures.

  • Native Americans 40,000 -20,000 BC
  • Puritanism/ colonial period 1600-1800
  • Rationalism also called Age of Reason  or Enlightenment 1750-1800
  • Romanticism  (includes Dark Romantics or Gothic literature) 1800-1860    
  • Transcendentalism also called American Renaissance 1840-1860
  • Realism (includes Local Color fiction or Regionalism and Naturalism) / 1850-1900
    • Modernism 1900-1950  :
    • Imagism
    • The literature of Social Commitment 1930-1940              
    • The Lost Generation 1914-1930
    • The Harlem renaissance 1920- 1940
    • The revival of Southern literature after WWII
  • Contemporary or postmodernism 1950-present
    • The   Beat generation 1950-1965
    • The protest and anti-success novel 50’s 60’s

Step #2 - Now, find some new ideas and resources to create a paper model of a trans media project for your period

Trans média is commonly defined as a narrative or project that combines multiple media forms. A perfect example is the smartphone.


The goal of a trans media project is to bring an enriched experience to the user. In other words, transmedia refers to the relationship (convergence) between different forms of media.

YOU can transform your knowledge about a literary period in an augmented reality (AR) for the user, thanks to various media:

  • Audio: radio, records, music, songs, texts read out loud (excerpts, poems, comments...)
  • video: movies, trailers, cartoons, documentaries
  • games
  • newspapers
  • websites blogs
  • visual: pictures, paintings, drawings, gifs, emojii

It's all about creativity now...


We 10 October

  • present  your model during the Mobile Day organized by the Poool (Rennes Atalantes)

Evaluate your project


Ways of working

  • deadlines are respected
  • team spirit
  • work together
  • share different tasks / cooperation
  • self reliant


  • is it really a transmedia project?
  • easy to use?
  • Easy to understand?
  • easy to find on the internet?
  • fun?
  • nice?
  • useful?
  • is the information real?
  • Sources?



Evaluate your oral presentation

  • convincing
  • lively
  • interesting
  • attractive
  • gestures
  • movements
  • posture

Tips fors an oral presentation

  • articulate
  • SMILE!!
  • speak with a good tone
  • speak loud
  • have good arguments to convince
  • Do not read too much / Do not read AT ALL!!
  • Move, SHOW some things on the board
  • LOOK at the listeners
  • MOVE but NOT TOO MUCH!! especially if you're nervous...
  • Keep calm and do a good presentation: feel PLEASURE