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Go to this padlet and...


1/ use the different informations you can find about social inequality

2/ choose one inequality  : 

  • poverty in the U.S
  • poverty in the U.K.
  • poverty  in an another English speaking country
  • gender inequality at work
  • gender inequality at home
  • gender inequality in the medias
  • gender inequality in advertisements
  • the glass ceiling
  • health inequality : obesity
  • health inequality : life espectancy
  • Children and poverty
  • Inequality and Youth
  • inequality and leisures
  • inequality and education
  • The One Percent
  • inequality and minorities
  • a topic of your choice ?

3/ create your own padlet about your topic

4/ present it orally ! 

2 main ideological views on the best way to deal with wealth and health inequalities.

There are two main ideological views on the best way to deal with wealth and health inequalities.

  • One is that individuals should take primary responsibility.

This means people should aim to make their own provision wherever possible in terms of housing, healthcare, education and retirement. Individualists argue the government does not have the resources to provide for all groups and that extended state support encourages dependency.


  • The other view is for increased state support in the provision of welfare.

Collectivists believe too many people lack the means or ability to provide for their welfare and so state provision is the fairest and most effective way of meeting need and creating a better society.

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2. mail you the audio file

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5. upload your file and convert it into MP3 format

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7. Mail this file.mp3 to me

Make a speech about the inequality that shocks you the most.