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Create a quizz about the American wing in the Metropolitan Museum

Your task:

  • Make researches about the Metropolitan Museum in NY(especially the American Wing)
  • create questions with 4 answers (don't forget to point the right answer!) - Questions could be asked about pictures, facts, History, quotations, key figures, characters, stories...)
  • Students who are going to visit this museum will have to undertake your quizz!

Fait avec Padlet

How to record yourself with your mobile and convert the audio file ?

1. record yourself with your mobile

2. mail you the audio file

3. download it

4. go to http://online-audio-converter.com/fr/ 

5. upload your file and convert it into MP3 format

6. Download it

7. Mail this file.mp3 to me : gurunes@laposte.net

What does the American Dream mean  to you ?

Our way of life has been influenced by the American Dream.

But to what extent ?

Do you share this dream ?








things to do : you are journalists who have to write report on the American Dream. Your work will be posted online on gurunes.fr.


Who ?

groups of 2


What ?

You'll have to


When ?

1 hour : choose the picture + write the comment

1 hour : finish writing your comment and learn it so that you will be able to present it without notes

1 hour : presentation of the pictures


and How ?

...Communication skills :

  • Don't forget to give your name
  • write something in the subject header
  • write a real email (see advice) ! Thank you...


Let's socialize!?

Let's socialize !


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Learn by yourself about socialisation !


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